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Conqueror Industries provide a smooth line in the manufacturing chain for our customers. In out sourcing your requirements to us you can rely on a complete service that will ensure you to focus on your core business activities.

We encourage our customers to begin technical consultation with us at design.  We have considerable knowledge of the properties of various metals with respect to corrosion performance in service and can advise on this if required. We can help you to design in minimum costs by looking at the best coating solutions to suit your product.

This partnership sourcing can save you time and money by ironing out all the unwanted problems at an early stage, before they become expensive problems at a later date.  We can help to reduce the time to market your new products; throughout we will work with you to reduce your costs.

Transportation of Goods
Our transport fleet provide fast and reliable collection and deliveries. We are happy to quote “ex-works” or one way only prices.A number of our clients cut the lead-time by having raw materials shipped directly to us.

Assembly of Finished Goods
We are happy to quote for any assembly work required on your finished products whether you need stickers putting on or bungs putting on then end of tubes etc and packing in a way that enables you to ship on to the end user.

Our Ability to help in reducing handling costs and shortening the manufacturing process enables our clients to minimise their levels of work in progress.

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