The metal coating services offered by Conqueror Industries are particularly suitable for architectural applications, offering high-quality, visually appealing, durable coatings that give excellent performance and protection from scratching and corrosion.

Our range of pre-treatments and coatings ensure a professional finish that is suitable for both interior and exterior architectural applications.

With more than 600 colours in stock we can be confident of a perfect colour match.


Resilience and reliability of coating systems is critical to the efficient functioning of machinery and equipment used in the construction industry.

We use the best products and techniques to ensure optimum resistance to environmental factors, including advanced pre-treatment methods to remove all dirt, dust and grease to provide a smooth surface for consistent paint application and maximum adherence.

Door & Window industry

Promising you quick turnaround times and excellent results, Conqueror Industries specialises in producing robust coating systems for the door and window industry.

With efficient pre-treatment services and an impressive portfolio of colours and textures, we never compromise on colour or quality.

All metal finishes and coatings are developed using high-quality products that are tested to be environmentally sustainable.

Electronics & Switch Gear

Whether it’s modern or traditional, industrial or residential, Conqueror Industries offers a wide range of powder, nylon and wet spray paint coatings to augment the look and feel of residential and commercial facilities.

With great attention to detail and excellent precision, our experts ensure that electronic components and switch gear are painted to perfection to offer you ultimate performance in terms of corrosion resistance, colour retention and coating integrity.

Street lighting & Furniture

Developing a robust coating system for outdoor furniture and lighting fixtures can prove to be a challenge because of their rough use and harsh environmental conditions.

At Conqueror Industries we are experienced in coating street lighting and furniture so it can withstand extreme conditions.

From slip resistance warm to touch nylon coatings to extremely durable and smooth powder finishes, we use a number of techniques to protect the furniture and fixtures against damage caused by environmental conditions.


Conqueror’s coating systems are the perfect choice when one cannot sacrifice aesthetics for toughness.

Specially designed for retail applications, the powder, nylon and wet spray painting services we offer will give you a spectacular finish that’s tough, durable and protective.

From in-store furniture to racking and shelving, our experts can pre-treat and coat all retail equipment and furniture to create a perfect finish that lasts a lifetime.

Car & Motorcycle Parts

Whether you’re looking for a professional finish or exceptional corrosion resistance and maximum durability, Conqueror Industries can provide the perfect finish for your vehicle.

From bright colours to classic metallic finishes, the wide spectrum of colours we have in stock coupled with our many years experience guarantee an excellent finish for your vehicle.