Warm to Touch


Commercial facilities and other publicly accessible places must offer optimum protection against slips and falls to their occupants in order to avoid any legal liabilities. Warm to touch coatings are specified by many bodies to enhance the mobility and safety of individuals.

At Conqueror Industries, we help businesses improve their compliance with building regulations by offering them nylon coating services. Unlike plastics, polyesters and other conventional coatings, these coatings are not only slip resistant and warm to touch, but also have high abrasion and corrosion resistance properties.

What are Warm to Touch coatings?

Offering the greatest protection against slips and falls, the warm to touch coatings used by Conqueror Industries are made of top-quality, environmentally sustainable nylon products that offer first-class protection against corrosion.

Nylon coatings are developed in the same manner as that of powder coating. The powder is applied to the surface via electrostatic spray and cured at high temperatures to ensure optimum adhesion of the coating to the surface. Apart from slip resistance, nylon coatings offer a superior, glossy finish and resistance to build-up of germs and dirt.

Why choose Conqueror?

Being a reputable and trusted name in the finishing industry for over 25 years, Conqueror Industries utilises the best available technology and products to offer the best results to our customers. Our warm to touch coatings are developed to comply with building regulations and standards.

Available in a wide range of colours, nylon coatings have a wide range of applications. They can be used to coat handrails, outdoor furniture, fencing, stadium seating, etc. In addition, we offer a comprehensive service that includes surface preparation, pre-treatment and coating services.

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