Powder coating, wet spray painting and other finishing techniques are an effective way to prevent corrosion and enhance the longevity of metal components. However, the benefits can only be achieved if the coating remains intact over many years.

Improper surface preparation may result in coating failures, such as poor paint adhesion and flakiness, which ultimately reduce the life of the coating system, as well as of the metal component.

At Conqueror Industries, we offer comprehensive surface preparation to facilitate the coating process and prolong the integrity and life of the coating system.

Techniques used in the preparation process

We use a combination of blast cleaning, degreasing and sanding to ensure that components are free from dirt, oil, grease and other foreign materials to offer a uniform surface for paint application.

Blast Cleaning — Essential for mill-scaled and rusted surfaces, blast cleaning removes scale, rust and old paint to prepare the surface for the efficient application of paint.

Degreasing — Oil, grease, marking inks and other contaminants can seriously affect the adhesion of applied coating. At Conqueror Industries, we use a variety of degreasing solvents to remove all such contaminants that may influence coating adhesion.

Sanding — Using manual sanding techniques our experts sand the substrate to promote adherence of the paint. The process requires selecting the right grit to effectively remove the contaminants while preventing damage to the surface.

Why choose Conqueror?

Surface preparation is a critical process that not only influences the longevity of the coating, but also the durability and performance of your metal assets. Poor paint adhesion may expose the surface to chemicals, extreme temperatures and other environmental factors, influencing its longevity. Therefore, it is important that you work with a reliable company that can offer you high-quality surface preparation services.

At Conqueror Industries, we have over 25 years’ experience of providing finishing and surface preparation services to clients from various industries and we have built a reputation for exceeding our clients’ expectations of quality and responsiveness every time.

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