Wet Paint Spraying


Wet paint spraying is one of the most versatile techniques used to create high quality finishes. From a perfect colour match to smooth coatings, this cost-effective technique offers many advantages and is popular for a range of applications.

At Conqueror Industries, we combine the benefits of wet paint spraying with our expertise and experience to produce the high-quality finishes that our customers desire. From stainless steel and aluminium to acrylics, plastics and plywood, we are able to produce spectacular finishes for all types of products using our primers and paints and advanced spray painting tools and techniques.

What is Wet Paint Spraying?

Wet paint spraying is a technique that involves the application of liquid paint on almost any kind of surface in a quick but consistent manner.

The wet paint is transformed into an atomised mist which is sprayed on the surface to produce a uniform film of paint that offers resistance against chemicals, temperature and corrosion.

Why choose Conqueror?

At Conqueror Industries, we offer a wide range of colours and textures. To ensure a perfect finish our experts prepare the surface before applying the wet paint.

The preparation process may include cleaning, sanding, filling and removing any existent coating from the surface. The result of this process is a vibrant finish that adds to the durability and aesthetics of the component.

To learn more about the wet paint spraying services offered by Conqueror Industries, contact us on 01763 249 535.